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Fine Art Printing

Fine art printing can be performed by reproduction services, or printers available for purchase to create copies via canvas or posters.

Many artists want to make reproductions of their work and there are a few options for doing this these days. One of the more common techniques is fine art printing and this can create a reproduction that is high quality and in many cases is virtually indistinguishable from the original. There are many artists that use the technique these days to produce limited editions of their work and there are a number of companies that offer the service.

One of the more common names for fine art printing is Giclee printing and this is a technique of reproducing artwork using a printer that is similar in style to a standard inkjet printer. However a Giclee printer tends to be more sophisticated equipment and uses fine paper and archival inks to produce a high quality print of the original. While printing on fine art paper is an option, Giclee printing can be produced on a few different materials including canvas, watercolor paper and photo paper.

For artists that want to make a number of copies of a piece of art there are a few advantages to using fine art printing. As a digital scan is taken of the original piece of art it can be stored on a computer and it is therefore readily available to produce copies whenever needed, which can usually be done for a reasonable cost. The digital file also provides the option of printing out the artwork out at variety of different sizes if required, rather than the print having to remain the same size as the original.

While fine art printing can be used for painted artwork, it is also suitable for other types of art. It can easily be used to reproduce high quality prints of photographs and these can be produced in a large size format. Digital artists are becoming more common these days and as they produce their work in digital format using computers, Giclee printing is the perfect choice for printing out their work.

There are a number of companies that provide fine art printing services these days. Bair Art Editions is one of these and they are owned by Masterlab. They offer fine art Giclee printing carried out on Epson Stylus Pro 9800 inkjet printers which can print up to 44 inches wide and to almost any length. The costs for producing prints typically includes a $50 set up fee and then a cost per print, with generally the greater number of prints made the lower the cost per print. Typical costs for a print can range from around $10 to $225 and this will depend on the medium used, as well as the size and number of prints.

Other companies that can provide fine art Giclee printing services include Fine Print Imaging, All PC Online and The Light Room. These all have the capabilities of producing high quality prints of painted work, digital artwork and photographs.

If you are an artist looking for a way of making high quality reproductions of your work, then fine art printing is an option to think about. It can produce true copies of your original artwork and be a convenient way to quickly make copies of your work.

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