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Royalty Free Clip Art

Royalty free clip art is available via software packages that include images and photos, as well as downloads straight from websites.

Most reports, presentations and brochures are produced in digital format on a PC these days and adding images to these can provide a more attractive look. The rise of the internet means there are also many websites that use pictures and a common style of image used is clip art. In many cases this needs to be purchased for use and an option when doing this is to use royalty free clip art.

Clip art is typically small digital images that are produced on a computer and come in a range of styles. This can include cartoons, photos, backgrounds, icons and buttons. They are typically available from many sources on the internet and while in some cases they can be downloaded for free, in many cases there will be a charge to download and use them.

If you intend to purchase clip art for use it can be a common sense option to choose royalty free clip art. When producing artwork, many artists receive a royalty each time the image is used. However in many cases they will sell their work royalty free and this means that if you purchase it you can use it as many times as you want without having to pay a royalty each time.

The obvious advantage of using royalty free clip art is affordability. While the image is available to use whenever you need it, there is only a one-off cost in purchasing it. This can be a benefit for those that are working to a tight budget and make it easier to plan for the cost of the images they need.

There are a variety of companies on the internet that have royalty free clip art for sale. Clipart.com is one of these and they estimate that they have around 10 million images available for download. They are a subsidiary of Getty Images and you need to subscribe to their service to take advantage of it, with the cost for this ranging from $14.95 for one week to $299.95 for 2 years. Once you have opened an account the images are available on a royalty free basis.

iClipart is another online resource that can be used to gain access to clipart that is royalty free. They also have a subscription service which ranges in cost from $12.95 for one week to $79.95 for the 1 Year Plus package and $295 for their 1 Year Pro package. Again once you subscribe and open an account the images on the site are available royalty free and on this website there are almost 8 million to choose from.

Digital images can add some interest and style to a presentation, brochure or website and clip art can be a good choice for this. If you decide to use this, then royalty free clip art can be one of the best options. This will enable the image to be used as many times as you need for a one-off cost and this can be an affordable way to get access to good quality pictures.

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