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Selling Art Online

When selling art online, promoting your paintings, crafts, and photographs in the right way is the key to finding buyers for great prices.

Many people have the skill and talent to be able to produce good quality artwork and while for some this is a hobby for their own personal benefit, others see it as a home business which can be used to make a little money. There are a variety of ways to sell art and while in days gone by this would most likely have been done at a local market, selling art online is a possibility these days.

While setting up your own website to sell art online is a possibility, this can be one of the more difficult options in terms of the cost involved, the technical knowhow required and customers being able to find the website. While it may be suitable for more established artists, for those that are just starting out there are better options available.

If you are considering selling art online, one of the best options these days can be to join an established arts and craft marketplace. There are a number of these around and there can be a few advantages to using their services. Most of the marketplaces enable a seller to set up an online store or area within the main website to display their artwork. This is generally fairly simple to do as opposed to setting up your own website. However, the major advantage of joining an online marketplace to sell your artwork is that there are many buyers who are aware of the marketplace and will visit it on a regular basis. This means there are potentially many more customers for your artwork and this increases the chances of a sale.

One of the biggest marketplaces on the internet for those that want to sell arts and crafts is Etsy. This site is basically free to join and once you have opened an account you can set up an online store where your items are displayed. It is possible to give the store its own name and there are options for customizing it to suit your needs. Once the store is set up you can then list the artwork you have available for sale and anyone that visits the Etsy website can potentially visit your store and can purchase the items shown. Although setting up an account on Etsy is free to do there are some fees involved in listing and selling items. Typically it costs 20 cents to list an item and Etsy take a 3.5% cut of the price an item is sold for. However, Etsy is a popular place for customers to shop for arts and crafts products and it can be a good option for selling art online.

Artfire is another online marketplace which is an option for selling art online. If you want to open a seller’s account on this it is typically charged at a flat rate of $16 per month and for this cost you can set up your own studio within the site and can list an unlimited number of items. They have a Fine Arts section on their website and many buyers visit on a daily basis, with each one potentially being a customer for your artwork. Other than the $16 monthly cost there are no other fees on Artfire for selling items.

If you can produce good quality paintings and artwork that you want to sell, then getting it to as wide an audience as possible means there is more chance that it will sell. Selling art online can therefore be a good option these days and using one of the established marketplaces is a simple way to get your artwork viewed by as many customers as possible.

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